Online Homoeopathic Manual

Manual of Homoeopathic Principles & Practice


“My records of Epilepsy, Blindness, Insanity, Cancer etc., I dare not publish, as I would certainly be hounded as a falsifier. I could not believe it unless I had seen them come and go.”

Dr. J. T. Kent wrote it 100 years back. With the advent in medical science since then, We at ARH carry on the legacy of our predecessors starting with Hahnemann, Von Boenninghausen, John Henry Clarke, C. Hering, Henry Allen, Timothy Field Allen, Stuart Close, Carrol Dunham, C. M. Boger, S. R. Phatak and many more, known and unknown’

This manual is our tribute to these stalwarts in Homoeopathy.

The manual is written for students and practitioners of Medicine irrespective of their pathy. Fundamental concepts given in the beginning along with brief account and guidance on Physiology, Pathophysiology and Medicine are for the students and practitioners of Ayurveda and Homoeopathy in India.  

We appeal to everyone in the field to join us in this emerging field of clinical and basic research in Homoeopathy. 

Dr. S. S. Apte,

Advisor – Education and Research,

Association For Research in Homoeopathy (ARH)