Knowledge Management Forum

Today everyone is in the confused state of mind. On one hand there is an information bombardment and at the same time channels are open from all sides– mobile, internet, TV, newspaper and number of them. We get stagnated in the route somewhere, starting from data collection—-> Information—> knowledge—> integrated knowledge from operational point of view—> wisdom.

KMC (Knowledge Management Forum) is the platform to come out of this jargon and to find out ways and means to face the future world with courage and determination.


KMF for Adults

A group of interested people meet every month to discuss any facet of life. The discussion is triggered by a presentation by a group member.

A unique forum to discuss lifestyle changes for 21st century. It is a group of people thriving towards a knowledge based cultured society through regular discussions on varied subjects like arts, science, economics, philosophy etc.

For more details please contact – Mrs. Priyanka Patne – 9987069536

Dr. Apte addressing KMC members at ARH Airoli

KMF for Youths

Young generation is the “Architect of the future world”. We would like to propose an activity which will help to become aware of the immense responsibility and opportunity that awaits in front of the Youth.

Please Check   Open Letter to Young Generation


KMF for School Children

The problem with today’s education is well known. Children can rattle on any topic without understanding.More than that their emotional sensitivity is repressed by putting them in the race over the marks–> admission—> degrees —> package track. The experiment is being undertaken to arouse an emotive facet of their mind along with instilling analytical/intellectual capacities.

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