Basic Research

To investigate the nature and mechanism of action of Homoeopathic drugs.

  • Previous work
  1. In collaboration with ICT, Mumbai.

Evaluation of hepatoprotective activity of chelidonium majus in homoeopathic dosage form on ethanol induced hepatotoxicity in experimental animals.

Investigator : Dr. Sadhana Sathaye – Associate Professor in Pharmacy, Dept. of Pharm. Sci. and Tech., Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai

Ref. Dr. Sadhana Sathaye, , Et. Al., Adv. Pharmacol. Toxicol. Vol.8(1)2007, 9-14


  1. In collaboration with Manipal Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Bangalore.

Study was undertaken ‘To test the effect of homoeopathic drug Chelidonium on alcohol induced toxicity in HepG2 cell line’ .

Investigator- Dr. Ramesh.R. Bhonde – Director (Research), Dr. D. Y. Patil University, Pune


  1. In collaboration with SP College, Pune

To test the effect of potencies of Milefolium on blood vessels of chick embryo.

Investigator- Dr. Savita Datar – Head Department of Zoology, S.P.College, Pune


  1. In collaboration with Vaze college, Mumbai.

Study of effect of various concentrations of Homeopathic drug containing Mercury of potency 30C and 1000C on the physiology of Mung Plant.

Investigator- Dr. Manjushri Deodhar – Associate Professor, V.G. Vaze College, Mumbai



  • Proposed study –
  1. In collaboration with ICT, Mumbai

Mechanistic investigation of neuroprotective effect of homeopathic metal preparations in SH-SY5Y cell culture.

Investigator – Dr. Sadhana Sathaye

  1. In collaboration with IIT, Mumbai

To investigate the material substance in 1M potency of some of the metal preparation in Homoeopathy

Investigator – Dr. Jayesh Bellare-Professor, Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai

  1. In collaboration with Manipal Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Bangalore.

To find out the effect of homeopathic medicines to stimulate stem cell to generate dopamine producing cells

Investigator Dr. Ramesh Bhonde