As a research organization, it is our endeavor to study the latest development in medical science in general and molecular biology in particular, to understand and apply Homoeopathic treatment in more refined way. The thrust of all educative programmes at ARH is to develop clinical avenues.

For interns and post graduate students we have following Programmes:

  1. Certificate course in Clinical Homoeopathy
  2. Fellowship Programme in Homoeopathy and Research
  3. ARH Journal Club –
    Students and physicians meet at ARH once in a week to present cases from NEJM journal with active discussion. Besides, solving difficult cases and revision of basics of medicine and homeopathy is undertaken. This meeting is open for all interested candidates.The topics related to practice are discussed. It may be discussion on a problem case, case presentation, drug study etc. The purpose of these sessions is to evolve thinking to bring refinement in practice, to visualize research areas conducive to principal practice of Homoeopathy.