Social Medicine

After all every patient is a member of the society, he lives in. Social environment affects his physical and psychological well being. An idea of Knowledge Management Forum has borne out of this consideration. ARH believes that physicians and teachers can play a crucial role in this task

At ARH a group of socially conscious individuals meet once a month. A member of the group presents a topic on any subject from science, ethics, economics, arts, philosophy, sex, culture — the list is endless. Every area of knowledge has arisen out of needs and relates to life and living. therefore, after presentation discussion occurs amongst participants. Care is taken that discussion revolves around today’s life in the context of the subject presented. It is necessary therefore to have a moderator so that it does not go astray. Such meetings will inculcate in participants a spirit of tolerance, thinking and will lead resolving confusion resulting in balance state of mind. Happy, peaceful social environment emerges thereafter.

Discussion of KMF group at Airoli centre

KMF Session for School Students