Extension Programme

Kotapur Centre


TRUTH ( Total Rural Uplift Through Health ) – 

The project is being implemented in Kotapur , Taluka – Rajapur, district Ratnagiri under the guidance of Dr. Apte & Mrs. Apte.

The project addresses 2 problems of the people in the area.

  1. Health – We have set up 2 Healthcare centers, one at Ratnagiri and another at Kotapur village.Kotapur Centre will be serving to rural population.
  1. Economic Upliftment –

Over 60% of our population of 1.2 billion is engaged in agriculture”.

 “If agriculture goes wrong nothing else will have a chance to go right in our country.

(M. S. Swaminathan, combating hunger and achieving food security, Cambridge university press,2015.)

ARH has devised a plan to develop agriculture as professional activity. Because, rural population depends on agriculture as their livelihood.

An Agri industry entrepreneur’s school has been started. It is a platform for agriculturist in the area to share knowledge in all aspects of agriculture and initiate co-operative programmes to promote agriculture as an industry.