Open Letter to Young Generation



Young generation
“Architect of the future world”

You can imagine the purpose of this communication by the way we address you –
“Architect of the future world”. We would like to propose an activity to help you
become aware of the immense responsibility and opportunity that this title offers! We
are sure you will actively participate in it. We shall write in question answer format,
anticipating some questions you may already have thought about, while raising some
new ones.

Question – Who am I?
Answer – I am a human being having a body and a mind.

Question – Could you please elaborate on the role of the body and the mind?
Answer – Body is like a machine or more aptly, a chemical factory. Billions of cells
participate in managing it. Each cell is an independent unit and produces thousands of
proteins. DNA – the Board of Directors and RNA – chief executives, plan, execute and
try to bring perfection in the functioning of cells. Balanced functioning at all levels lead
to health. One notable feature is a cell works for self, the organ, and the whole body.

Question – But where is the mind here? First of all what is mind?
Answer – It is difficult to define mind. Mind is that aspect of brain function, which
interacts with outside world through 5 senses – cognition. Mind also has memory,
emotions, and intellectual functions which ultimately results into thoughts. We are
aware of mind-body interactions and effects. For example, when we are angry, we
tremble, we experience palpitation etc. Therefore, in a way, mind is a bridge between
outside world and inside world, our body machine.

Question – We hear about spirit, soul, atma, consciousness, will and such words.
What do they mean?
Answer – So let me give an example.Sometimes, do you feel the urge to help others? To
your friend who is weak in studies, you guide. You jump into the river and help
someone who is drowned. Those thoughts which motivate you to do such actions can
be thought of as arising from spirit, soul, atma or whatever you want to name it. It is an
abstract philosophical concept. That is the journey of human mind: from emotions to
intellect to consciousness, though it is not strictly a one way journey.

Question – Now I have started to know a little about my body and mind, what next?
Answer – It is essential that you think about this question because the thinking process
that you develop when trying to answer it will help you fulfill the role of the architect
and an active inhabitant of the future world. It will help you understand and solve some
of the problems facing the society.

Question – I may be in finance. Of my friends, one is perusing management, another
electrical engineering. How do we connect ourselves to these problems which are to
be solved by the Government and the concerned institutions?
Answer – This brings us to the main proposal we want to put forth in this letter. This
proposal has been implemented and the participants have found it to be very effective
in continuing the thought process that we have discussed until now. Some of their
experiences are attached at the end of this letter.

So here is the concrete proposal:

1. Form a group of 5 to 10 students or friends by sharing this letter with them.
2. Begin by taking up a specific problem for discussion. Ask following questions.
1. What is the precise nature of the problem?
2. What is the context? Try to find out preceding events responsible for the
current problem. Continue Further backward, asking causes for the
event. During this journey you will notice number of problems about
which you may not have know anything.
3. Can you then analyze these problems? Consult books, read, and try to
understand, just amongst your group members.
3. These discussions should continue. You should meet at least once a month. One
of you can lead the discussions, taking turns each month.
4. Once you have a somewhat satisfactory understanding of the original problem,
there are several avenues of further actions. You can either try to form or join a
group to solve that problem, while at the same time continuing to study similar
problems through discussions with your peer group.

You will find that through this process, the depth and breadth of your thinking will
have expanded. A stage will come when you are able to solve any problem through self
learning or learning through collaboration with your peers. Best wishes.

Reminiscence of discussion sessions at KMC

Dr. Sunil Metkar
Dr. Apte, in the early 1990s, used to organize personal development meetings on
alternate Sundays at ARH. The purpose of these meetings was for like-minded youth to
come together in a room, discuss issues – social or personal or career related, interact
with Dr. Apte and an invited guest, who was usually a successful career person, for an
additional perspective.
Additionally, Dr. Apte had a very rich collection of books (library) that was accessible
to participants. There were multiple benefits to this exercise, including public speaking,
advocating a particular viewpoint and defending it. This book had a
lasting impression on me – I went on to become a Cancer Immunologist. I was just
about getting my Masters degree and getting ready for my PhD entrance exams and
interviews..   You got to work hard to achieve something and the satisfaction that one derives from achieving his or her goals is immense. Best wishes.

Mr. Pramod Bhat,
Attending the KMC meetings were of greater use to myself and the participants, the
idea was to expand beyond oneself and acquire more knowledge.
In the past KMC meetings we have covered areas like Art, Technology, Languages,
career guidance for youth, helping self employment in rural areas, agriculture
development in rural/ semi-urban areas.
The KMC participants have a high sense of wanting to give back to the society. This
untapped strength to be utilized through practical and result oriented programmes.
Today, parents understand not to overburden their children with studies, but in
absence of a practical alternate solution they are unable to exercise this. KMC
guidance and suggestions can help / support the needy parents.