Innovation Meet – 2023

” March towards our Mission “

(Past, Present and Future)

The Innovation meet on ”March towards our Mission” held at Association for Research in Homoeopathy, Airoli, on 29th January 2023. The meeting was attended by around 50 people. Dr. S. S. Apte welcomed the audience.

Dr. Vrishali Deshmukh, President, ARH, introduced the speakers in brief.

Dr. Swapnil Patne, Physician in charge & research head, ARH, presented in brief about pilot experiments carried out at plant clinic at Kotapur, district Ratnagiri. Afterwards through his presentation – “Telemedicine center taking care of Human, Plant, and Animal diseases” he emphasized the potential of Telemedicine in Homoeopathy and its capacity to act as springboard to reach out rural population. At the end of his presentation, he shed light on future plans of ARH with respect to clinical as well as basic research.

Mrs. Priyanka Patne, In charge of Drug Research Laboratory, ARH, presented her topic of “Cell and molecular biology with relevance to Homoeopathy.” She mentioned the importance of the study of biomolecular correlation in disease pathogenesis and in homoeopathic treatment with few case studies.

Prof. Savita Datar, Former Principal S. P. College, Pune, presented her findings about ROS scavenging potential of Homoeopathic drugs with the use of DPPH and SOD assays and sheded a light on various screening methods to assess anticancer potential of Homoeopathic drugs.

Prof. Bhonde, Former Director (Research), Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune, presented his topic “Homoeopathy Road ahead.” He explained different techniques by which we can prove Homoeopathy as evidence-based medicine, stem cell model could be one of them.

Prof. Gore, Former HOD, Department of Statistics, University of Pune, presented his topic “Biostatistics in Homoeopathy.” He gave Suggestions for Clinical Research Agenda and Potential Role of Statistics.

Dr. Vrishali Deshmukh then proposed a vote of thanks.